The Rockwood Park Campground is closed for the 2020 season due to COVID-19. See you in 2021!

All the fun of city camping in a wilderness park

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Rockwood Park Campground is following New Brunswick regulations for Zone 2 to limit the spread of COVID-19. For up-to-date information, go to

Campers from outside New Brunswick must show confirmation from the NB Travel Registration Program when checking in.

Campers from outside Canada must show proof of approval from Canada Border Services Agency and the New Brunswick Travel Registration Program. Call 1-844-462-8387 or go to

Rules for 2021

  • Recent arrivals in the province may not self-isolate in the Campground.
  • Campers must have an advance booking with the Campground in order to check in. Name and confirmation number is required.
  • Campers in RVs and trailers with 3-way service should not use Campground washrooms and showers to minimize contacts.
  • NO visitors are allowed in the Campground when COVID-19 is in the Yellow, Orange or Red phases. In the Green phase, visits are restricted to 2 visitors per site.
  • Visitors must check in at the Kiosk and leave name, contact number and email address.
  • If required due to increased COVID-19 restrictions, Rockwood Park Campground reserves the right to refuse campers that are not in self-contained/fully serviced RVs.

Campers must:

  • read and respect all rules and guidelines posted in the Campground.
  • practice Social Distancing by staying 2m (6 ft) from anyone not in their travel group.
  • wear a non-medical mask or face covering in indoor public spaces.
  • avoid contact with frequently touched surfaces, wash hands often, and use hand sanitizer.
  • keep 2m (6 ft) from others while lining up and respect maximum numbers posted.
  • put all personal garbage and litter in the Campground garbage bins.
  • yield to others on trails and maintain a 2m (6 ft) distance.

Check-in Questions:

  1.  Do you have any signs of: Fever, Cough (or worsening cough), Diarrhea, Loss of sense of taste or smell, Runny nose, Muscle pain, Headache, Fatigue/Exhaustion or Purple markings on fingers or toes in children?
  2. Have you been advised by Public Health that you are required to self-isolate?
  3. Are you waiting for a COVID-19 test or results of a COVID-19 test?
  4. Have you travelled outside NB in the last 14 days?
  5. Has anyone from your household returned from outside NB in the last 14 days, and has someone within your household bubble developed one or more of the COVID-19 symptoms listed above?