The Rockwood Park Campground is closed for the 2020 season due to COVID-19. See you in 2021!

All the fun of city camping in a wilderness park

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Prices & Opening Dates

Open May 20th to September 27th, 2021

Rockwood Park Campground Prices for 2021

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1 day tenting $33.00
Weekly Tenting $180.00

1 day hook up $43.00
Weekly hookup $225.00

Monthly hookup 1st $485.00
Monthly hookup 2nd $460.00
Monthly hookup 3rd $425.00
Monthly hookup 4th $400.00Cabins 2 weeks $924.00

These prices do not include the 15% HST and 3.5% Tourism levy.


Cabins 1 to 2 nights $94.00 (per night)
Cabins 3 to 6 nights $84.00 (per night)
Cabins 1 week $504.00

Please call the kiosk regarding closing times for arrivals at the campground for your site: 506-652-4050, or email us at: